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"Fine custom handbuilt acoustic guitars"


Kevin Muiderman (pronounced like “Spiderman”) is a guitar maker and guitar player currently living with his family on the plains of North Dakota. He is gaining attention from professional players around the world for his innovative “double top” (aka “sandwich top”) guitars and his use of graphite composite bracing.

Over the last decade Kevin has developed sandwich tops and alternative bracing designs which provide the concert classical player and the professional steel string player greater dynamic range than previously available.

Check out the new “Progeny Series” coming out of the Muiderman family shop. After years of my son and daughter, Hayes and Jenna, helping me in the shop, they’re now making their own guitars.

"[My] four Kevin Muiderman instruments...are the best instruments I have ever owned."
John Doyle

"My Muiderman instruments (Jumbo 6-string & Mandola) have to be heard to be believed- acoustically and plugged-in there simply isn't anything like them. Beautifully built with powerfully defined full-range voices, they make me want to play more music and take my time when I do."
Willy Porter

"I have never played a better instrument than my Muiderman. I have become a better guitarist because of it."
Michael Chapdelaine

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